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We manufacture quality piston pumps.  We are the birthplace and home of the legendary "THRO-MOR™" pump, which has been used in top producing coal mines in the Mid-Atlantic region and other industrial applications for more than 68 years. We offer 4 pump models with the biggest and baddest model being the 660, which can pump 100GPM, 1250 ' with 0' rise.

Various power sources and water ends available depending on your needs.  

We are a full service manufacture of our products with new pumps, repairs, rebuilds and parts available.

All new pumps and rebuilds include a 365/24/7 warranty.  

BOTE and OSHA approved.

Click "here" for pump models, specifications, diagrams and parts list. 

Machine shop services also available.

If you have any questions regarding our company, products, applications or services click "here"

Welcome to the SKS Manufacturing Inc. website. The company history dates back to the 1890's under the name of Rick's Manufacturing & Supply Company.  The business was developed around the coke and coal industry, which lead to the legendary "THRO-MOR" piston pump.

The company was owned by the Rick's family until 1997 when it was purchased by Steve & Karen and named SKS Manufacturing, Inc.  SKS remains at the original site in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  

We are a family oriented company and pride ourselves in the "T
HRO-MOR" pump line and customer service.

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