The THRO-MOR pump goes head to head with acidic, unfiltered, abrasive water that is pumped up steep runs.  Not only does the THRO-MOR pump accept all the challenges a mine and its water has to offer, it will do it 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  If a pump component needs replaced, its simple design allows for quick repair and return to duty.  The THRO-MORpumps rock solid construction allows for a rebuild of the pump when its internal components finally become wore, instead of disposal of the machine.  Even today THRO-MOR's come back to our shop with serial tags from the 1940's and 50's and are rebuilt and sent back into service.                                                                                                     


THRO-MOR's are a quality, fully rebuildable pump.  We offer original factory rebuild services and will even use parts from multiple old pumps to try and make "one" operational pump to save you money.  We are a full service parts dealer offering parts in cast iron, marine bronze, GE acid resistant composites, and chrome to fit your budget and operating conditions.  All rebuilds are operated and tested in our shop before they get to you (just like a new pump) and carry the same 1 year warranty we offer on our new pumps as well.

Contact the shop and ask for Steve if you have any questions.